Scientific internships abroad

Scientific internships are aimed to improve the qualification of scientific, scientific-technical personnel in universities, research centers and industry organizations.


According to the agreement on the organization of internship, concluded between the recipient of the
Scholarship for the scientific internship and JSC "Center for International Programs" (hereinafter - the Center), you are obliged to:


On completion of the internship to return to the Republic of Kazakhstan to fulfill work obligations in the chosen area of scientific research not less than 3 (three) years continuously in the Republic of Kazakhstan at the Employer, at whose request you were sent for a scientific internship.

The commencement of crediting of work obligations starts when the internship is completed and the day of your work starts at the Employer.

After completion of the internship, the report is provided in the form of: copies of certificates from workplace, employment contract or other documents confirming the position you hold and the date of your employment starts.

Copies of the above documents are accepted if they have the appropriate attributes (date of registration of the certificate, registration number, signature of the authorized person and stamp) and must be submitted every 6 (six) months from the beginning of employment in a high-quality scanned form (PDF format) to an e-mail of your manager at the Center.


If you are nearing the end of your work obligation period, the following handout provides step-by-step steps calculate your employment period you can to calculate your own employment period; - click to view using the employment period calculator.

In order to fulfill the contractual obligations, it is necessary to apply to the Center's office (the form is attached in the "Application Forms" section) or send the application to , attaching the following documents to the application:

A copy of the document confirming
the completion of the internship;

Copy of the employment record certified by the personnel/
Notarized copy of the employment record;

Extract from the Non-profit JSC "Government for Citizens"
State Corporation" (PSC) on pension accruals for the period employed;

A copy of the pension record
(if available);

A reference from the Employer to confirm the
fulfillment of the three-year work obligation;

A copy of the guarantor's
identification card;

A copy of the graduate's
identification card.

If necessary, additional documents may be requested.

It takes 15 working days to process the documents.

Application forms

If you have any questions regarding the fulfillment of the work requirements, you may
contact the managers of the Alumni Management Department:

Ainur Samenkulova
manager for Great Britain
Ainur Samenkulova - manager for Great Britain
Tolganay Balykova
manager for Australia, Russian Federation, Canada and countries of Continental Europe
Tolganay Balykova - manager for Great Britain
and countries of Continental Europe, Germany, Russian Federation and Canada
Shyryn Kozhabekova
manager for Great Britain
Shyryn Kozhabekova - manager for Great Britain
Assel Sadyk
manager for the USA
Assel Sadyk - manager for the USA

The address of the Office: 70, Syganak Street, Astana, «Syganak» Business Center, 5th floor, 010000.

Working hours from 9:00 am to 18:30 pm, lunch break from 13:00 pm to 14:30 pm.