Information on Intergovernmental Grants


Grant countries for Kazakhstan citizens  

Total number of grants provided

Number of grants provided

on training programs

Learning Languages * Approximate deadlines for submission of documents **
Undergraduate Undergraduate +

Master’s program (OTM)

Master Doctoral studies
1 Hungary 250 grants 110 grants 30 grants 90 grants 20 grants english, hungarian december-january
2 PRC up to 150 grants*** english, chinese january-february
3 Ukraine 40 grants 30 grants 10 grants ukrainian february-march
4 Poland 11 grants 3 grants 4 grants 4 grants polish march-april
5 Tajikistan 50 grants 40 grants 10 grants russian march-april
6 Belarus 6 grants 3 grants 2 grants 1 grant russian april-may
7 Vietnam 3 grants 3 grants vietnamese june
8 Kyrgyzstan 5 grants + + russian june-july
9 Azerbaijan 10 grants 5 grants 5 grants azerbaijani, russian, english June-july
10 Egypt 17 grants 15 grants 1 grant 1 grant arabic June-july

* In the case of training in the language of the host, the host provides one-year language courses.

** The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and JSC “Center for International Programs” within 5 (five) business days place an announcement on their official websites about the start of accepting documents for the selection of applicants for study abroad under the agreements and agreements concluded between governments or departments of the Republic Kazakhstan and foreign countries from the date of receipt of the diplomatic note;

*** The number of grants for training in China varies annually and does not exceed 150 grants. Grants provide a total amount for all training programs.

The selection of applicants for study abroad in the framework of international treaties in the field of education is carried out by the Tender Committee through a personal interview, including an online interview.

The tender commission conducts a personal interview with applicants no later than 15 (fifteen) business days from the date of receipt of documents for participation in the competition for study abroad under international treaties in the field of education.